9-15 Another Metaphor

Imagine your life like a stained glass window.  You have things that center the image – for me, it was Jason and my family.  There are other things that make up the image – pets, hobbies, work, friends, passions.  There are probably parts that are less pretty, too, because we all have them.  The whole thing sits inside a frame.  That frame emcompasses your life, but there are spaces filled with plain glass, places that have yet to be explored and discovered.  It is a thing of beauty.

On April 30th, my stained glass shattered.  It shattered from the center out, like a gunshot.  As the center dissolved into dust, the rest of the pieces fell and broke into shards until even the frame is warped beyond recognition.

Now, I have to pick up each one of those shards.  They are sharp.  I’m trying to fit the broken shards back into a picture, but the center is gone and the frame is twisted out of recognition.  I still have to pick up each of the pieces and put it someplace and try to rebuild.  I don’t get to not do this work, but it is slow, painful work.

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