10-5 Legal Update: Plea Deal

The legal proceedings in the first of the two criminal cases are moving along faster than anyone anticipated they would.  I was warned that we could be doing this for the next year and to brace myself for that.  I feel like I needed to brace myself for the short option as well.

On Monday, Meekims had his second court appearance.  It was a non-event where he nor the lawyers actually showed.  However, the prosecuting attorney and the public defender got a moment to chat somewhere along the way.  From that, the PD offered a plea deal of 75 months.  The PA countered with something higher.

Today (Thursday), Meekims took the plea deal of 92 months.

They are currently trying to get a Monday morning court appearance to enter that plea.  I don’t yet know if it will be public, what time, or where.  If those are details you want, I can post them.

I think I am planning on going.  There is something to hearing someone admit wrongdoing that is important.  I expect to be wrecked on Monday, because in hearing someone admit wrongdoing, I am also offering up some piece of my emotions.  Part of me also wants to see him, to have a face (beyond a mug shot) to put with the name.  I want to see who shows up to support him, I want to know that someone loves him and wants the best for him.  I want a sense of who he is, who this person is who I will have to learn to forgive.

I know I need to write a longer post about sentencing and the ways in which the legal system is broken.  But that isn’t something I have energy for tonight.  I will write more and explain what I’ve learned soon.

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